You’ve just moved into your new (or at least new-to-you) house and things were great for the first few days…

But now, you’re sneezing, crying, and itching all over — especially in your throat and your ears.

You may feel crazy, but being allergic to your indoor environment (like mold and dust) is totally possible. In today’s blog we’re going to cover what you should and shouldn’t do if you think you’re allergic to something indoors in your own home.


This list we’re about to disclose to you may seem silly but these are real “solutions” we’ve heard people try.

The following are terrible ideas:

  • Double dose on allergy meds
  • Forever avoid that part of the house that makes you sneezy
  • Only drink soda because the carbonation “scratches” the inside of your throat
  • Move again
  • Do nothing and let it worsen

Now that we’ve got all of the terrible ideas out of the way, let’s cover what could actually be happening and why it might actually help to have your home reinsulated.


Here we go, this is the good nuggets of info you’re looking for through your swollen eyes.

First you should determine if the problem is allergies or something else. You could be experiencing asthma, a cold, or something else from an imbalance in your body. Luckily you’ve lived with your body your whole life, so you have a better idea than anyone how you’re feeling.

Find The Cause

It’s important to first determine what the cause of your body’s symptomatic reaction. Most commonly your body is reacting to something in the quality of your air. We suggest testing for mold and mildew, especially if you live in a basement of a building. Other things to do if you do have allergies is to do a detailed deep clean. Buy some surgical masks from the drugstore, take the weekend, and clean and vacuum everything from the walls to the carpets. Other areas that often fly under the cleaning radar are your vents. Wipe down your vents, your vent covers, and change your air conditioning filter.

Could It Be Your Insulation?

If you’re having trouble breathing and your eyes are irritated but you’re not necessarily having other symptoms of allergies or you know for a fact that you’re not allergic to anything, it’s time to take a look at the insulation in your home. Traditional fiberglass insulation has been linked to causing asthma attacks in adults, not to mention, there are better ways to insulate your home in 2019. The number one, most modern way to insulate your home? Spray foam!

EcoComfort Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is not only better for your lungs and your air quality but also for your Earth! Spray foam dries quickly and doesn’t leak particles of fiberglass into your atmosphere. If you have already been diagnosed with a breathing condition, you should definitely be sure that your house is insulated with spray foam instead of fiberglass for the sake of your health. Are you living in Indianapolis and need someone to do the job? Call EcoComfort today!