Since 1995 Superior Insulation and Graber Insealators, both family-owned and locally founded, have offered homeowners and businesses effective ways to upgrade the performance of an existing or new structure unlike any conventional insulation. Now as “Superior Insealators” we have combined our teams and 85 years of experience to bring you the best value, quality, and service that any insulation company can offer!

Our Certified “Seal Team” will inspect your property and come up with a custom plan that is perfectly designed for your specific needs and budget. We believe that what you don’t know might hurt you! Therefore, we offer a complete line of services designed to keep your family and/or employees more comfortable, healthier, and safer, while reducing your energy bills and saving you money.

As an Icynene licensed contractor, our certified “‘Seal Team” Installers use the most advanced spray foam insulation technology to date. Both Superior and Icynene stand behind their spray foam product because of its countless benefits and lifetime warranty.

You can rely on our “Seal Team” to:
  • Lower your energy costs
  • Improve your air quality
  • Minimize the noise level
  • Provide year-round comfort

We proudly partner with Icynene to provide the highest quality insulation services and products. From roofs, external and internal walls to unique construction products, Icynene’s spray foam insulation allows for flexibility and versatility to ensure your facility or home is properly insulated. Icynene products make the insulation process quick, quiet, and long-lasting. The longevity of standard insulation methods depends on the materials used and the integrity of the current structure. However, spray foam insulation is both adaptive and durable, which allows for easy application and lasting benefits!

Contact us today and see how our professional services and Icynene products can keep your home comfortable for years to come!